Affinity work directly with all property developers on the Costa del Sol, including some of the worlds largest constructors such as Taylor Wimpey from the UK.

Buying a property from a developer is not what it used to be... Every property which affinity offer our clients will be sold with a complete bank guarantee, meaning that should the developer default or not deliver what was originally paid for by our client, then all funds will be reimbursed.

Affinity can offer brand new properties which have either already been built, those which are nearing completion, or even properties which are 2 to 3 years away from being built. Buying an off plan property is not for everyone, but is ideal for anyone who is considering retirement in the near future (and does not mind waiting for the build) or for anyone who does not have all funds in place to make a purchase right now, as most off plan properties are available with payment plans, usually on a 30%/70% basis (i.e. you pay 30% now, with the final 70% payment payable upon delivery of the property). The only real exception to this rule is a villa purchase, where most developers ask for monthly payments to cover the build costs.

If you are interested in purchasing either a brand new or off plan property, please speak to our customer services team now, who will be able to email you a list of EVERY single new build project presently available on the Costa del Sol!